Grundtvig program supports activities that provide an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas across Europe. - Grundtvig-programmet støtter aktiviteter, der giver mulighed for at udveksle erfaringer og idéer på tværs af Europa.

Partners and their roles in Project


LEADER: Fundacja Centrum Promocji Kobiet – POLAND
Centre for the Advancement of Women Foundation
Contact person: Anna Jancewicz

To fulfill its mission Centre for the Advancement of Women Foundation offers a variety of workshops and counseling services to the adult women aiming at a stronger involvement of women in professional, political, and social life, based on the principle of gender equity of women and men. In CAWF’s project and research work the focus groups are (1) participants at risk of social exclusion, i.e. belonging to the groups most affected by/vulnerable to unemployment in our country: people over 45 years of age, young graduates, young mothers returning to/entering the labor market, and (2) people experiencing a twist, turning point in their professional life, ready for a change and needing support, guidance, counseling and coaching.  The Clients are of different age, of different educational background, of different life values. The methods applied in CAWF’s interactive trainings and workshops include elements of learning by experience and by action, teaching with the use of IT & multimedia, especially to support elderly clients, and include the element of work/life balance as the way to success and fulfillment.

To learn more about POLAND:
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Randers Municipality – Denmark
Contact person: Helle Bonde –

Centre for competence development and jobrotation is a department of Randers municipality. The objectives of the department is to support private and public companies with planning and carrying through training and education programmes for employees – amongst this activities for the mature workforce. A specific task is to develop and implement jobrotation schemes in the companies – that is: when employees take part in external training activities they are substituted by unemployed people during this period. This means that employees are developed and maintained on the labour market and unemployed people are qualified and are integrated on the labour market. The content of the Grundtvig tasks are linkable to these activities in the sense that barriers among the mature workforce has to be overcomed when working on motivation towards training. And therefore exchanges and experiences in these fields are expected to bring fruitful new ideas that can be implemented in the Danish set-up.


Contact person: Kleio Koutra

SKLE founded in 1955 and is an officially recognized professional – scientific association of social workers in Greece. It comprises of 29 departments all over Greece ( Its mission are to a) contribute to the principles and methods of social work, b) contribute to the improvement of education in Social Work, guaranteeing the social worker, c) study of social problems, advice, intervention for treatment and cooperation with authorities and stakeholders, d) inform and represent the profession in various organizations, e) raising awareness of social groups in social issues and developing collective action, with the ultimate aim of achieving social change, f)participate in the formulation and design of Social Policy in Greece.

Utilizing theories of human behavior and social systems, social workers intervene at points where people interact with their environments. They work in a variety of projects in relation to social networks, community development, social capital and health outcomes, empowerment of disadvantaged populations as lonely elders, immigrants, refugees, women and youth at risk and rural communities.


Contact person: Erdal Tunc

Koçarlı Halk Eğitimi Merkezi is a non-profit governmental Public Education Center in Aydın Province in the west of Turkey. It organises social, hand craft, language, agriculture and vocational courses and activities for the people who live in Koçarlı. Every year about 1000 women and 600 men attend to these activities. In the leadership of the head teacher Mr. Muharrem Soysal, two deputy managers and twelve teachers (this changes and rises when needed) take part in these activities. The Koçarlı city and it’s environment has been an attractive place for migrants. The environment is rich of agriculture, its a  democratic and developed area. The weather and conditions here is attractive, The mountains in Koçarlı are full of Olive trees and olive oil is an important product. Producing cotton, vegetables and growing fruits is done on fields where river Meander waters. Farm Animal breeding is active in the villages. But the change in technology in every field brings a gap for the of education. People have to learn the new technics and changes and there comes the Center as the provider what is needed.


Contact person: Tatiana Iniguez

The University School of Tourism of Zaragoza (Escuela de Turismo Universitaria de Zaragoza) is an assigned centre of the University of Zaragoza (Spain). This University is the main centre of research and technological innovation in the EbroValley and enjoys a great prestige among the group of Spanish, European and International universities it has relations with. The university has over 40,000 students in its 22 faculties and schools, and it also developes longlife learning programmes like “Universidad de la Experiencia” (University of Experience)


Associazione PER FORMARE – ITALY
Contact person: Sergio Rossi

The Association PER FORMARE is a training agency established in 1992 and accredited by the Lazio Region for activities of higher education, lifelong learning and guidance. As an accredited training agency, PER FORMARE realizes training programs funded by the Italian interprofessional funds for continuing education, supporting private companies in participating into the planning, delivering and management of training programs. In twenty years of activity PER FORMARE has gained significant experience in training and development of complex reality for both private and public organisations. PER FORMARE has developed a significant methodological experience in the field of adult education and dispose of an highly skilled professional staff able to cover the whole process of training. PER FORMARE considers the vocational guidance and training as crucial tools for the improvement of human resources within the broader framework of active labor market policies. PER FORMARE translates these concrete conditions within companies and to end users, offering integrated training encompassing the needs analysis, the vocational guidance, the technical training, the on the job training and the job creation. Within the scope of the Association is the organization, implementation and direct management of professional training courses, aimed at public and private entities. PER FORMARE is in possession – since 2004 – of the ISO Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 for the design and provision of training services, research and vocational guidance (EA37, EA38F).